Developing a Robust Trading System

Discussion in 'Programming' started by EliteTraderNYC, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, just wondering what are good platforms for hosting an automated trading system? I need something that would interface with Bloomberg for data and Interactive Brokers as the broker. What would be robust, fast, and reliable?

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    what more do you want? If you have bloomberg and ib you also have the APIs to create the auto trades.
  3. Yes, but what language would you use to create the APIs in? Is there any optimal language or are they all interchangeable?
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    you're in over your head. You DONT create the APIs. API means application programming interface. They are provided for you.

    For realtime systems, which is what trading is, you have 3 very popular choices java,c++, c#. Any of them will do.

    PM me and I will let you know

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