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    Firstly, I'm posting in this forum because the people I'd like to communicate with often work specifically in prop trading environments.

    Moderators, I hope you do not find a post here inappropriate?

    Been asked to help find a senior developer whom might be able to join a small, strong team supporting a trading desk. I am not a recruiter, FYI!

    Background should include: substantial experience with distributed architecture trading platforms; knowledge of the equity and index options business and someone good with dealing with traders, and someone with experience with SQL, messaging protocols, FIX, FAST, network connectivity and latency issues, .NET and C#.

    Please feel free to contact me with a PM, and I can tell you how to send on a resume.

  2. Hi
    I own Lion Pride Trading And we have partnership with Centauris Group , they are specialized firm that always look for someone with your habilities. you can call Guillaume Babin at 1.418.840.9229 and tell him vinny have gived you his numb er
    have a good day
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    I know a very solid programmer with most of the qualifications you mentioned but he would only be interested in doing assignments on project basis from remote location. Let me know if this still interest you.

  4. thisguy


    Thanks for your response.

    I'm actually looking to bring someone in to an existing trading firm, not help someone I know find work.
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    Thanks for posting to the thread.

    Where (in the world?) is your friend located? I think this group is like most and everyone is in the office. It's tough to support a trading desk live from a remote location.

    If you have a resume to forward, pass it one to me. You'll need to email me for a email address.