Developer / Trader Chat Meeting

Discussion in 'Events' started by aphexcoil, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. I'd like to propose a chat session within the near-future and invite active traders along with some developers. The purpose of the chat meeting will be to exchange ideas and have the developers ask the traders precisely what they would like to see as far as enhancements and additions to the software packages they use to trade.

    It would be a fun time and allow everyone to throw out ideas so that the developers could take them back to their home camps and improve their own software. Since many of the developers would implement the same ideas, the competition would be great because each developer will have their own ideas on how to take trading software to the next level.

    We can cover software issues that pertain to:

    - Options Trading
    - Futures Trading
    - Equity Trading
    - SSF Trading
    - Portfolio Management
    - Simulation Software
    - Training Software
    - Risk Management / Analysis Software
    - Hypothetical Modeling Software

    Is anyone interested? I'd like to set a tentative date of Monday, June 16'th at 8:00pm.

    Who's in?
  2. Monday @ 8:00 pm it is!
  3. Did this chat happen?