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    Developer needed

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for a developer to customise the tool “long position” “short position” in Tradingview in order to send buy/sell signals to an external app when levels are triggered on the charts.

    From the external application, the orders will need to be executed through IntereactiveBrokers.

    Please PM me for more details and cost for the job. Many thanks. Cheers!
  2. Why? Just use Multicharts. Same company, better automation capability.
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  3. Sprout


    Tradingview developers are very difficult to find. Pinescript is not very robust nor has a built-in debugger.

    For your application, you can set alerts to send sms/emails which some have used to make a quasi-automated algo. Stackoverflow doesn't have much activity nor is there many programmers on Upwork.

    Your best bet might to self-educate, Jos doesn't really do programming for others. Another option is that you can stalk contributors in the chat channel for Pinescript.

    Maybe the premium plan has access to some core developers, I dunno.

    Good Luck !

    If you do find a knowledgable developer, let me know !
  4. Why dont you develop your own script and use IB Api?
    Just forget about tradeview
  5. That would be fine if he's playing with monopoly money, but if he plans on allocating real capital anytime soon, my advice would be to leverage third-party solutions until he builds up his stake, at which point he can experiment with custom tools.
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    Sounds a lot like:

    You're welcome.
    That'll be $1135.
    Please pay on your way out.