Developed a very good algo... Now what?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Adibi83, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. Xela


    Not by using FXCM, not by using Martingale position-sizing, not by having 40% drawdowns, not by using MT4, not with theoretical back-tests, and possibly not even with spot forex at all (you'd look far more realistic with forex futures).

    I promise I'm not trying to be rude to you, but to someone with the wherewithall to fund traders, this all really screams "amateur"/"dreamer".

    Apologies indeed for the disparaging/discouraging reply, but if you want honesty, it is what it is - and at the moment, for potential funding purposes, it's a complete non-starter. [​IMG]
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    I like what this guy has done - hate to be the optimist here, looks real good to me for what it is - will it stand the test of time? Who knows. If you can continue to add money and stay the course you may be sitting pretty inside of 5-10 years without needing any funding.

    There is nothing wrong with trading Fx when you know what you are doing - With its much larger liquidity and lower trade/carry costs it is the go to instrument for the institutions that need the deep liquidity. Sure, I trade futures also - nice to be able to scale into positions with smaller size at times even if U could enter with a hundred currency contracts - trading Fx does not always mean you are a broke ass over leveraged pie in the sky fool, I think most of those type got rinsed out over last few years.

    Maybe try the Jack Schwagger seed funder.
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    I'm curious...which other vendors are you seeing these people going to?
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  4. Adibi83


    TX.... you're right about the 5-10 years thing, but I'm trying to accelerate the proccess.
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  5. jj90


    @Adibi83 Your system shows a very high correlation to short GBP/USD. Keep that in mind if you are only trading 1 pair. People like to see a diversified range of instruments.

    And if you can't take the "rub one or two out" comments, you should consider working in a less testosterone dominated field.

    Side note: Who deleted my "go rub one out" post? So much for free speech on the board.
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  6. Adibi83


    I'm trading 2 pairs. The high correlation to short GBP is completely "accidental" and I think this correlation will change over time. The system adapts to the trend.
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  7. Hello,


    I am learning to develop/backtest/livetest my own ATS in NinjaTrader and its alot of work and detail to find a trading strategies that is worth putting live money to.

    The bottom line is you are profitable with real results to show.

    My recommendation is to not sell your system to anyone, once you double your money, increase your position size. And keep doubling your money and position size.
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  8. Adibi83,

    If you believe in your system and making money with your system, double the position size. Earn more money, increase position size again.

    How much are you selling this system for?

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  9. Adibi83


    I'm NOT selling my system. I put so much time and effort... don't want to sell it, I've build it for the long term.
    Actually I've doubled the amount several weeks ago due to quity increase. I'm looking for a large investor in order to increase the trading equity immediately. Yes, I can wait a few years until I get to my first $1 million, but I've started to develop this system for almost years ago and I'm eager to make the big jump already.
    Anyway, there's no way I'm selling it :)
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  10. Adibi83,

    I agree with you. I would never sell my system as well. I am spending toooo much time on developing my first ATS to sell it.
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