DEVELOP the mental toughness to get you through ....

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  1. • DEVELOP the mental toughness to get you through even the toughest times
    • BUILD a positive and confident attitude
    • EMPOWER your self-esteem
    • MAKE good decisions quickly and become a "decisive" person
    • CONQUER procrastination and get it done now
    • DELEGATE wisely so you can spend time on things you do best
    • LEAD with vision and purpose
    • INSPIRE others to action with your consistency and self-discipline
    • THINK about money in a new and successful way
    • OVERCOME frustration with fortitude
    • DEVELOP patience with the confidence that you'll succeed
    • MANAGE your time to spend it on the things that are really important
    • OVERCOME your fears by confronting them
    • BECOME unstoppable as you drive toward success
  2. Are these the chapters of your new book?


    Tony Robbins??...Is that you?? Welcome to ET. I'm a big fan btw, "Awaken the Giant Within", a classic.
  4. Is that guy any good in trading? Doesn't sound like it.
  5. Sorry, but positive BS alone, doesn't make money in the markets.

  6. Cheese


    BECOME unstoppable as you drive up the number of threads you open .. adding more and more heaps of bland horsesh*t.
  7. Cheese


    So sweet.
  8. BSAM


    I think this guy is attempting some sort of self-talk therapy.