Develop and follow a written trading plan

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  1. intuition means - "i know"
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    Since I never know what the market is going to do for the day I cannot write a precise written plan. I let the market write the plan for me. For instance, today around 11 to 11:30 it appeared to me the ES would have an afternoon session (on a 5 minute chart) with a SPB BULL TREND. in such a case I’d being going long on PB’s adding to losers on pb’s ...etc ad nauseum. However, shortly thereafter it began to do the exact opposite. It actually began to have a MPB (medium PB Trend) PA but on the short side. So a bear MPB trend. That means I swap tactics on the fly. Instead, I now short Pb and exit on swing lows.

    I had to leave the house but did get in the latter part of the afternoon with a short on 5 contracts that gave me a decent profit of over 1400 on that trade.

    I am a discretionary trader and have to see what the market is doing to react to it. I just don’t know what it is going to do until it does it. Sometimes, I guess and get it correct........
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    The market doesn't have a plan, only we can have one.
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  4. Good work on that trade. Make that money boss. I am discretionary as well, but I do also write automated strategies to test. When intraday trading, I see something different everyday, then plan doesn't change much, just the risk at time.
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  5. Lol you right speedo,

    Sometimes I stare at chart snd be saying to myself, who are the big buyers and sellers doing this. I feel like I'm in the trenches just getting busy day after day.
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  6. I cannot believe I read this entire thread! You all can go on and on about some meaningless shit!
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  7. Sweet and Sour Bobby,
    "shit" can be profound and complex and moving and deep. -- to the open-minded,

    It's how you interpret and digest wisdom and advice and experiences that brings you closer to a Holy Grail.
    Trading is incredibly complex, each bit of wisdom you take in...can have profound results on your overall bottom line, or lack thereof.

    Trading is like art; different people will see and sense and realize different things on the surface and deeper within.
    I could be the most successful trader in the world. -- But someone like you wouldn't realize it.

    Watch The Karate Kid, the original one from 1984...not the shitty sequels.
    Try to be Both...Mr. Miyagi and Daniel, within your trading,

    And watch Wall Street 1987...Try to be Both Gordon Gekko, and Bud Fox. -- And the SEC and The Dad and James Spader.
    And watch Cocktail 1988...try to be Both Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown, within your trading. :confused:, o_O

    Alot of trading, is not just...Simply get there, there's alot of experiences and wisdoms to get up that point.
    Watch this over and over again...until it becomes refined in a granular, sand level in your hands. -- not big, dumb rocks.
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    you mean like... 7063E88F-B299-4467-984D-BC8454D49EF9.png
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    No but it writes one everyday and we get to see it as it unfolds and at the end of the day. LOL
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    you probally wasting your time. Sweet bobby seems to be in a sour mood.
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