Devalue your currency or face serious consequences

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Daal, Dec 8, 2006.

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    These people are nuts, paulson said he supported a strong dollar and asked the chinese to increase american spending bills by thirty percent on the same day LOL. Next thing we know we will be bombing beijing in order to favor our exporters
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    I meant to say revalue, regardless I would not be surprised to hear some official saying that soon. With the dems taking over any kind of barrier could trigger something big
  3. Bush is not Bushed enough to invade China.
  4. One way or another...China will be part of the next world war. Scarcity will be the cause. When they can't get enough resources to fuel their economy, they will take them.
  5. Yeah. We still think that it is the next world war. But I wonder if when people look back on us 100 years from now... when would they say the war started, perhaps 2001?
    At this moment we have conflicts all over the planet, we still don´t have one mayor conflict involving most of the world but we might get it soon if the situation in Iraq extends to the whole region.

    Concerning China... I'm still intrigued as to how they define their economic model... is it free market socialism? I would love to hear more about the economics supporting their growth but I haven´t been able to find much on the subject.
  6. the chinese are tactful and will simply continue to ignore the u.s. they are focused on one thing and one thing only and that is to make money and grow infrastructure as opposed to u.s. nobody in the u.s is focussed on anything... cept iraq and we all know how well that is going....
  7. China is similar to Google {not so big yet, but growing like crazy}, the US is similar to GE {sure it´s freaking big, but it ain't got much room to grow anymore...}