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    In mehreren Medien wurde berichtet daß nach einer kleinen Rentenreform das über die Finanztransaktionssteuer finanziert werden soll. Angeblich will sich die ganze EU daran beteiligen. Wer als Trader in die EU will sollte dies erstmal verschieben. Zudem gibt es vermehrt Rechtsradikale in D die das auch unterstützen siehe AFD. Ich würde am liebsten Auswandern nur wohin...... Meine Frau geht nicht mehr alleine Weg. Sie wurde mehrfach belästigt. Von Asylsuchenden. Es ist ungemütlich hier in Deutschland, fast nicht mehr zum aushalten.

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    Im actually trying to learn German
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    Finanztransaktionssteuer = Financial transaction tax, I think. The rest of it though...

    Countries that will implement this are destroying themselves. EU has been implementing some horrendous policies and then the leaders debate why people are emigrating in many countries. I suppose if they want to replace the population with Syrians, Iraqis and Africans -- their plan is working. Other than that - stop treating your population as milking cows or they will vote with their feet.
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    Translation from google app
    It has been reported in several media that after a small pension reform, the financial transaction tax is to be financed. Allegedly, the whole EU wants to participate in it. Who wants to be a trader in the EU should postpone this first. In addition, there are more and more right-wing extremists in D who support that, see AFD. I would prefer to emigrate only where ...... My wife is no longer alone. She was harassed several times. Of asylum seekers. It is uncomfortable here in Germany, almost unbearable.

    it is an awkward translation.
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    Where are they going to? The best will move to the US for now.After 2020 elections who knows.
    The masses don't move unless there is starvation i.e. Venezuela
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  7. Gotta love German. Financial transaction tax is Finanztransaktionssteuer. Succinct, but consonant city.

    In any language it is a dummkopf idea! :mad:
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    This thing is still not 100% sure yet, they need at least 9 EU countries that are willing to participate, but it seems like there are 9 to 10 countries that support it, if they agree then the tax might start in 2021.
    This new european transaction tax will only apply to stocks and etfs (not to derivatives) of the participating countries (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia).
    So if you live in the EU and trade US stocks and derivatives, nothing will change for you (at least for now).
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    Mögliche Auswanderungsziele falls du tatsächlich einmal genug hast von Deutschland/ EU:
    Possible locations if you finally get enough of Germany/ EU:
    Thailand, Dubai, Panama, Costa Rica, Bahamas, ...
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  10. I agree. The EU FTT currently on the table is similar to the current French FTT in that it only applies to local stocks - not foreign stocks and not derivativces.

    I do trade French stocks from time to time in the form of CFDs. No problem.

    In the future? The prospect of a US FTT is very unlikely. But you never know. People really do not seem to like us.
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