Deutsche bank retail fx platform

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by misha7, May 22, 2006.

  1. misha7


    So Deutsche bank has now opened a retail fx platform...100:1 leverage..

    I wonder if all the advocates of the ECN model will also now be referring to DB as a 'bucket shop'.. :)
  2. Much better than UBS' platform.
  3. 3 pip spread on the Euro - according to the web-site.

    Assuming you mean DB's institutional platform - i've heard it's one of the best (consistant fxweek top awards winner) - but I also heard that UBS should be rolling out its new and improved institutional platform some time soon.
  4. Hayek


    Another RefcoFX. Good luck.
  5. DB is another RefcoFX? I don't use the retail platform, but I'd imagine it's the same interface.
  6. wwx


  7. I don't have any probs with UBS on spot, but exotics are another matter.
  8. 4 pip spread on Yen and Aussie - heavy....
  9. dealer


    Two additional things would make this offering very attractive to retail traders and small funds/CTAs.

    1) Acces to their institutional research -or even a scaled down version.
    2) Broader offering of cross rates and some of the "2nd tier" currencies such as SEK, NOK, ZAR etc.

    Hopefully other banks will want to get in on the act and improve upon the model.
  10. taboni


    Shame I would have expected to see their
    Autobahn platform scaled down for retail use. Spreads are too wide.
    Is it just me or does it look like suspiciously like FXCM's front end. Did they license it to DB??
    #10     May 22, 2006