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  1. Is Deutsche Bank heading towards no more land with bear stearns & lehman? Chart certainly suggesting it's a possibility $DB
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  2. It's losing the triple bottom!
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  3. Can someone please change the name of this thread? It's Deutsche Bank
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  4. DB would be a good buy right now wouldn't it? It's brand name is too strong to go under and Germany wouldn't let it happen
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    Germany will probably nationalise it wiping out the shareholders if it gets really bad. They are shrinking the derivatives book, securitising loans, selling abbey life and postbank. So it is getting smaller. Search on zerohedge for the full story.
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    I wouldn't count zero hedge as a reliable source for anything let alone to determine if a major bank is going to fail!
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  9. Deutsche Bank is having hard times right now, as just last week its shares went down by 8%.

    What I personally think, is that such a huge bank will somehow revive from its recession times...
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  10. Good buy opportunity IMO.
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  11. SO glad I didn't go long on this at $14 like many were saying
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