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  1. Oh, FFS...

    1) Yes, Douche Bank has a very large derivatives book

    2) As I have said, I dunno how many times before, its notional doesn't tell you a lot

    3) Fundamentally, DB has been hit by a few issues, which different banks, at one time or another, experienced. The problem for DB is that, for them, all these things are all happening at the same time and not a particularly opportune time at that.

    4) Specifically, problem 1 for DB is their asinine (thanks, Anshu) insistence that they never did anything wrong. That, to the world's regulators, is like a red cloth to a bull. Because of this they have been paying the price.

    5) Problem 2 for DB is, because they're so large and systemically important, for a long time they operated like the rules generally don't quite apply to them like they do to other banks (see point 4 above). Things like leverage ratios, controls, etc etc was, basically, stuff other, lesser banks did. Now they have to catch up.

    6) Problem 3 for DB is that the mkt, rightly or wrongly, believes that the ECB's negative rates regime will be bad for them. The logic of such an inference is very unclear to me.

    7) Finally, and most importantly, DB does have a fundamental business model problem. For a very long time they were making money hand over fist by being the biggest, as well the most aggressive, bank in their sorta captive segments, i.e. European fixed income and money mkts. Obviously, with time they have tried to expand and diversify, but their core strength remained the same. Guess what happens to their golden geese in our new bank regulatory regime, where there are so many new rules that even the guys who wrote them don't understand how they work, most of the time?

    All of these things are, separately, challenges that all banks are dealing with. Douche Bank is just unlucky/stupid to get hit by them all at once. DB will not go down, but I do think they're being managed down in size and significance.
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  2. Price action is piss poor.. Anyone in financials look out below... This is a bad omen, it looks like inventory holders selling methodically.
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  3. $DB -15% from low & still -50% from Jul '15 high / funny how perspective changes once#CNBC tells you its fine
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  4. Took 70% profit today. Letting the rest run.
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  5. good to hear.. always leave a runner with a trail..
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  6. At what price does the financial exposure lead to progressive parabolic cascade?..
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  7. Please can someone add E to the header of this topic? It really bothers me.
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  8. Keep an eye on this one as it approaches $15. It's a little too quiet in NIRPyland.
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