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    You maybe right; Yogi Bearra said'' i dont make predictions, especially about the future.''LOL

    Another big problem they have= its NOT thier fault.LOL [ BAC, C..... is in the same sector ]Citigroup reverse split itself, it's a penny stock[$44.44=actually$ 4.44,NOT saying it will do that good today.LOL] Strange, but community banks do much better, local leadership maybe better, much better. Wisdom is profitable to direct
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    Careful with that one;
    maybe goes much lower than $10-12. I dont know, good dividend,NOT that i want a big bank stock for the dividend.LOL
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  3. Yeah, I'm up 7% or so on it, but was up quite a bit more than that and have watched it disappear. I've closed out half of my position
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    I haven't been following European banks, but I think they are selling off because of revenue declines. Not because they have asset writedowns looming (like in 07) but that their sales and trading businesses aren't seeing that much flow. This is an economic cycle issue not one the govt will bail out.
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    European nations are welfare states IE unless the amount is large enough to sink Germany, the bank will be saved....
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  6. I Know You

    I Know You

    I read somewhere that to bail out DB would require x6 GDP of Deutscheland.
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    Would be interested to hear more details on where you read that, I'd like to read it myself to see the details on where that number came from. At this point the thread has a lot of "heard it from a hedge fund buddy" and "read somewhere" data, would like to take it to something more verifiable.
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  8. I Know You

    I Know You

    Isn't their derivatives book worth $70 trillion?
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  9. Don't worry the German government will pay their debts.
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    It took only $182 billion to save AIG who had insured anyone and everyone against market decline via credit default swaps....
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