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    Like I said, don't own DB and never have, although my point is valid regardless of and completely independent of my past stock holdings. Also never have seen any quantification of this derivatives exposure you speak so much about. Still waiting for that, along with the 850 page annual report you're so sure you read. I even gave you the link to their annual reports, shouldn't be too hard to find for someone "knowledgeable" like yourself. Your shucking and jiving to the point of talking about ice cream cones would be comical if it wasn't so sad.

    Here's the deal. All of us make mistakes, we misremember, and our memories are colored by our worldview. Some of us realize that, do our best to overcome it, and when someone points out that what we remembered may not in fact be true we do some research to figure out where the disconnect is and if we were wrong we use it as a learning experience. For example, if you show me the line in the mythical 850 page annual report quantifying DB's derivative exposure I'd thank you, it's something I've been looking for after all. I certainly wouldn't call you "boy" and start some drivel about ice cream cones. Are you capable of this kind of mature adult behavior, that's the real question?
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  2. If you have access to a personal computer with the windows operating system installed and internet access, download DB’s annual reports for the last few years. Select one of these annual reports and hit the F3 key. This will open the search dialogue box. In this box, enter the search term “derivative exposure”. Windows will search all instances of derivative exposure contained in the annual report. If this does not work (it is windows, after all) look for the help key or in one of the menus of the PDF reader and follow the instructions on how to conduct a search within the document you are looking at.

    This is a tremendous time-saver. If you find the information presented here useful, please tell me the annual report you looked at and give me the page number containing the appropiate information.

    It is important for your research that you are able to perform your research efficiently.

    After you do this, I will also look up DB’s annual report and comment on what I see, and we can discuss further if you wish.
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    It's amazing, you appear to know how to search but appear to be unable to do so? Like I said, apparently unlike you, I've searched and the information you claim exists just isn't there. If I claim that the DB annual reports contain a section on their unicorn blood sales to the leprechauns the onus isn't on you to disprove that when you call bullshit, the onus is on me to show where that is in the annual report. That's just basic logic my friend. You made a claim about a mythical 850 page report that contains a mythical quantification of DB's derivative exposure. Unlike you, I'm humble enough to give you the benefit of the doubt that it exists and if you could produce it I'd thank you for the information. You clearly can't, using your own helpful tutorial one would think you could have re-found it by now if it existed. And you clearly lack the emotional maturity and humility to realize that you potentially could be wrong or have misremembered something.
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    The article says $41B in net exposure. Thanks for posting that, btw, the first real numbers on this topic on this thread.
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  6. Too high dividen tax for non US citizen
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  7. Why someone would believe annual report tells you anything useful? It is mainly about how to hide the truth from you.
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  8. Just to note.

    DB is melting down again. There is some chatter that the Jerries are in trouble with Libor.

    DTK was called last month, the other current DB preferred's aren't experiencing any waterfalls:


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  10. Where there is management change, there is hope. Should research this guys background. Maybe DB is a buy. Now about all the geopolitical turmoil...
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