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  1. What's up with Deutsch Bank, the price action looks like large dumps. What does someone know that we don't know?.. I talked to some contacts, they say everything is fine. But the price action doesn't seem to agree.
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    deutsche bank will probably go bust....that's what one of my v successful hedge fu nd buddies says
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  5. Do you know what the implications of that would be?.. sub 1000 on sp500.. Maybe worse. They are talking about helicopter money now.. Wow, 20 years ago if you told me what kind of actions are being taken now... I would say you were nutz.
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    German government will never allow their largest bank to go bust, when pain gets too much they will intercede....
  8. I've got a little of credit Suisse and it seems like they've had somewhat similar action with the big drops
  9. I'm short DB from march 23rd.
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    I Know You

    Most likely. Do you know how much will be required to bail it out?
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