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  1. Im in detroit. Those links are garbage.
  2. Oh yeah....detroit is doing well.

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    Detroiters get exactly what they want. Place has been going downhill since the late 50s. But voters keep on voting for the same people. Living like that is a fair price to pay for "standing up for the black man" as far as they are concerned. Look for that as the future of the US as many people love the idea of freebies from the government and don't mind paying the price of living in a place like Detroit.
  4. But voters keep on voting for the same people.
    I think in the recent election for mayor, voter turnout was 15%. 8% to the winner and 7% to the loser.

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    I know I'm just being a grumpy shit, but damn it... I've seen this guy before, he loves to do these conspiracy type videos. Can he not stop the leather strap twisting sound or the constant clicking of plastic pieces. Is someone eating that camera every time they tape?? Is it some kind of gold loving alien?? Damn it, get another camera, pay 50 this time, or get a guy who wont gnaw on thing while you tape.
  6. If the Kwame fiasco wasn't embarrassing enough we also have more corruption charges brewing in Detroit. You remember Detroit was the dystopia in Robocop right?

    Seriously though, people in Detroit don't care about living in the slums as long as they get stuff "fo free" and not to mention our white trash brothers of the north.

    There are rumors among the suburban homeowners in my neighborhood that if they were to lose their jobs they'd move "up north" to their cottage homes and let the current one go to the bank.

    Not to mention Michigan is like the 48th best state to start a business in for tax reasons. Seriously a small business tax wtf?

    And yes, this state is a precursor to what America could look like as whole. Awesome!!
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    The USA is a culture in collapse I suppose. The way I see it, it's cyclical. At the outset men run things, men are men and women are glad of it, children are property maybe.. over time the laws change so that women are in charge, then it's women and children in charge... then it collapses and men are in charge again because women and children can't cope with warlords that well... the welfare communities are tailor made collapses from the outset, women with children get the welfare, who runs the inner city in the daytime? Women.. who runs it at night? Children [gangstas].. There was a mass migration of blacks and Mexicans into the Mojave Desert where I lived, in the last few years, jeez.. those black women don't stand down for anybody and they hate whites.. and the gangstas all come out at night and take over where the women leave off... black men sort of hang out and try not to bother anybody, they are running scared all day.. I talked to some in the restaurants, women ran the households with iron fists...

    I'd quit worrying about the USA, if it goes it goes, they all do.. maybe we have a lot of time, maybe we're 50 years behind England.. maybe we don't have much time if the world economy gets a real swirly..


    Dave Bing has his work cut out for him. But he's a quality guy.

    Detroit may have it's problems but lots of cities do -- and let's not forget about the massive corruption in NJ.
  9. Detroit is beyond repair. There are other cities in this category, also, but that doesn't take away from the basic fact that the math can never, ever work out for Detroit.

    It is a shithole of a city by any metric, filled with festering corruption, shameful public schools (and that's saying a lot given the shameful public schools all over major cities), plagued by neglect of citizen taxpayers, a lack of any real cultural opportunities, and a business-hostile climate.

    It should have been forced into Chapter 9 BK a long time ago, but they hoped the casinos were going to bail their asses out, and one of the three casinos is already bankrupt, and the other two are looking so healthy now.

    There is no time left. Bulldoze the mofo, change the politicians with a true clean slate, revamp the rules on reception of business, pay attention to taxpaying citizens, wipe out the corruption, run proficient schools, and demand these things, and there would be hope.
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