Detroit News Endorses Romney

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Oct 25, 2012.

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    The latest Michigan poll shows the race dead even. Will this be the push Romney needs to take the lead in the state?

    ....The Keynesian approach has not worked. Despite an $830 billion stimulus and increased annual spending, the economic recovery is the weakest in post-World War II history. Investors remain on the sidelines, afraid to put their money into job creating projects because of the uncertainty about future tax and regulatory policy.....
  2. That's quite a shocker... considering Odumbo's embrace of anything union.
  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    The Detroit News is a well-known conservative publication, so this is not very shocking. What would be nice is if this had one micron of impact in the very democratic state of Michigan.
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    Romney does have roots in Michigan with his father having been Governor. But, I don't know if newspaper endorsments mean what they used to. However, if Michigan goes to Romney I would guess he would take Ohio, too, and that would pretty much seal the deal.
  5. "Conservative publication"... didn't know there were any of those remaining.

    One of the GREATEST problems in the US is the lack of objectivity and truthfulness of the MSM. Freedom and Democracy cannot reign long when the MSM has such an extreme bias as it does today.

  6. From the article:

    "Don't assume that it was a no-brainer for a conservative newspaper to endorse a conservative presidential candidate."


    A citation from the University of Utah on the wiki cite regarding Detroit News:

    "It [Detroit News] has never endorsed a Democrat for president...."
  7. Romney has even deeper roots to Michigan...he was born there.Your dumbass probably didn't even know that

  8. Good post :)