Detroit CEO Automakers save more than $15,000 by driving

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  1. Loki


    The first time they went to Washington flying on their corporate jet at the cost of about $ 20.000 each.

    At that time there were some news online saying that the same trip could have been booked on expedia for $ 200.

    I do not expect a CEO to book a $ 200 economy flight, but maybe there is some other way to fly that is priced between $ 20.000 and $ 200, right ?

    Maybe for $ 2000 one can get a fist class seat and avoid most waiting lines.

    Once in Washington they asked for $25 billion in federal loans.

    When a journalist asked them how they could ask for so much money to the American people and yet spend $ 20.000 on a Detroit-Washington flight their face literally turned green. It was as if the question insulted them and they walked away without answering.

    It is ok if Americans sacrifice to help the overall economy, but do not ask them to make any sacrifice.

    A few days later their public relation department told them that " it looks bad " , so this time they decided to drive to Washington instead of flying with the company plane. Will they take Greyhound if they need more than 25 Billions ?

    Their driving to Washington is just a stunt, as soon as they get the money, they will go back to their corporate jets and lavish lifestyle.

    CEOs ARE COMPLETELY DISCONNECTED FROM REALITY and the way normal people deal with everyday life.
  2. LET THEM GO BK! They will be back for much more money we dont have.

    Fire all the Job Banked employees being paid 90% salary for sitting around doing nothing.
  3. This has been touched upon in another thread but.

    Seriously, the people who write these threads are missing something very important.

    WHY wasn't AIG or Citi bitched at for their parties or executive salaries. Why weren't they bitched at for taking private jets.

    The most important thing.......WHY aren't the members of Congress bitched at for taking private jets!

    Such a crock of shit.....Washington is a joke, i'd be surprised if the average IQ of Congress is 100.
  4. Agree. Much the same way we hear plenty about "excessive" UAW comp while my nephew makes 56k a year as a tree trimmer for the City of Chicago. These equally outragous government salaries and pensions ALSO come out of our pocket but you'll notice anytime teachers, cops or garbagemen strike the media is up their ass in defense of labors demands. I'll bet there's legislative assistants on the Hill making more than assembly line workers......
  5. TGregg


    Huh? It takes brains and skill to rape voters like this. Well, OK so most voters are more in tune with American Idol than with their tax forms, so not that much brains. But more than average. Christ, most voters cheer on their party like it's their high school football team. If you told them they really are for the other side, they'd happily cheer the other guys.

    We're so screwed.
  6. LOL, you can say that again.