Detroit - bust

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    starve the government sector.
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    You might have a point there. Perhaps public pay should be tied to results generally of the City or nationally for Fed workers etc... None of the old +3% a year regardless - oh no !! Bad years should see pay decreases which would also help the City's finances.

    As for the top hogs - well their salaries should be made to reflect success or failure of the City by City employees and of the State by State employees.
    I suppose the basic wage should be rock bottom for a City, State or Country doing really badly.
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    Detroit is an example of what happens when government is in control. I just hope Detroit isn't an image of what all cities in the US will turn into.
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    They are talking about a national bailout of Detroit.
    Hardly fair that those who played the game well have to bailout a City that has failed. My guess is there may be a similarity with Greece. Too many on the state payroll, being paid too much. The financial rapists long gone elsewhere plus the money they took legally or otherwise.
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    There are a number of countries where the government is very small to effectively non-existent. You would love living there.:D
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    They committed crimes against whites then lied for their "brutha," while electing racist despots like Coleman Young.
    2&#65279; million whites moved out of the city, that's no accident.
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    do you live in some kind of vacuum to make a judgement of the stranger? do you know what factors are important to that person and what tradeoffs they are willing to endure. one thing i know about is you that you were unwilling to make the tradeoffs to live in the communist utopia of cuba and venezuela.
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    Nobody is talking about WHY and HOW the city came to be in this mess...basically 30+ years of the ghettos electing corrupt black mayors that stole from the city while lining their pockets.

    Learn from the past or be condemned to repeat it.
  10. Detroit isnt a capitalist city. Its a socialist.
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