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  1. I recently stumbled onto ET and saw that Bright Trading had an office in Detroit. Being that I just left the Investment Management business due to the severe lack of anything Financial short of sales I was very interested to hear that there was a Prop Firm in Detroit. I also noticed that this forum is sponsored by them so I figured I would pose a few public questions if it were alright.

    - How many traders does your office have?

    - What is the environment like? I can only imagine what a typical Chi-town Prop shop looks like and I am trying to picture that in Detroit.

    - What's the demographic (not race) makeup of your traders? Things such as occupational background, net worth, etc. How many are former automotive engineers that are trying to find a new home?

    - Is your trader pool growing or shrinking?

    Anything else notable you could provide would be helpful as well. I am not willing to quit my day job to pursue a prop shop job but am interested to hear what my options may be.
  2. Let's see.

    Trader Pool grew in 2007.

    Detroit has only a couple of long time, profitable traders in it. They would probably like some more company, LOL.

    As far as details go, feel free to give me a call at: 702.739.1393.

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    What about the Boston office? Is there a good pool of profitable traders there?
  4. My Boston boys do really well. John and Mike are excellent traders, and there are about a dozen or so under their wing at this point. PM me with your name an number, I'll have them call you if you like. Or you can send me an email to: