Detractors and Naysayers...

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. I hate that Newatthis has a monopoly on ET witticisms!
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  2. Ken_DTU


    Hey newatthis ... --Nice-- list lol.. had me laughing, all of em.. and I agree with almost all of them too, that's what gets me remarkably creative list.. and accurate..

    great work, keep em coming ..

    mine? hmm that pesky 25K rule, because it's keeping a lot of folks from being able to trade what will likely be a volatile next year+ of intraday moves


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  3. 08-07-02 06:15 PM
    Detractors and Naysayers...
    I thought I would make it easier for those with problems (real or imagined) with anyone or any all get together and post their notes here on one thread....that way we can save the rest of the board for constructive things.....

    Go ahead, whack, David, Bright, Echo, WorldCo, Andover, Generic, all the bad stuff that is interfering with your "life."

    Have a nice day...



    I thought that by taking the Bright name out of the title of negative posts, throw all firms in the same pot(posts that have been retitled in the past due to the negative light that the title showered on Bright Trading) that it would help keep newbies from perhaps being poisoned or prejudices against coming on board our firm.

    There was no need for a new thread, there was a need for you to deflect the criticism.

    I am still waiting by the way for a direct answer:

    Do you pay for each and every post that you make?

    If so, is that not in effect advertising? And as such isn't what you say in these advertisements subject to SEC regulation for advertising, i.e. needing a disclaimer with each advertisement for Bright Trading each time you claim that traders are doing so well there, and quote percentages or make generalization about those traders who do well versus those that don't.....

    I will continue to post this question in any and all threads here until I get a straight answer.
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  4. Bryan Roberts

    Bryan Roberts Guest

    i thought that was BJ Thomas??? i hate Bette Midler singing anything.....and i'm not thrilled with Meryl Streep!!!!!!!!! but i really hate almost any hollywood personality(excluding RR) once they delve into politics. (i think we could start a new thread on that one)
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  5. I hate those floating dollar signs. Impose on someone else. I hate Don for not just answering these badgering questions with his typical non-answer anser so I can have my thread back. I hate my 401K and whats left of it. I hate those smiling faces of the families of the loser executives who get to ring the NYSE bell even when the market is down 347.69 on the day. I hate the fact that the market is opne the day after Thanksgiving and when I tell my wife that as an excuse not to visit her whole damn family in Cleveland that mistake on the lake she thinks its my fault they are open and that I called up as part of the vast right wing conspiracy to prevent me from having that day off. I hate when there is a juicy bid/offer pre-opening and I don't have the cojones to hit it because I think they may know more than me and I am missing something so I better not because everytime i do it gets me in trouble, but sure enough when i don't this time it is the ONE. I hate touching the hand of the toll taker on the Jersey turnpike who has been sitting in the damn both sucking fumes and coughing all day all over those very hands that are taking my money. I hate everyone with one name like Cher, Shaq, Kobe, Madonna.
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  6. newatthis-

    You are the kingatthis!!! I'm am laughing my a$$ off! What's so amazing is how you can come up with so many things that I can agree with 100%.

    You need to write a book or get a job writing for the Simpsons or something.
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  7. I hate all the back-to-school crap. What's wrong with a pencil a notebook and a brown bag lunch? I hate the commercialization of Christmas. I hate having to buy all those stupid little gifts at the mall for all my cousins and uncles who probably won't wear them anyway and if they id they would look really stupid because out of boredom I got them really ugly shirts and ties just to see if they really were stupid and had no taste. I hate when my wife and I don't get our stories straight about why we blew something off and we are at some cocktail party and we get called on it by some busy body drinking a drink with fruit in it who never had to do anything tough in her life like talk to that policeman who pulled us over on the way home from the football game who asked me to say the alphabet backwards and when i refused he let me go because only a drunk would try it. I hate wine coolers. I hate guys who smoke cigars but now nothing about them other than it is an in thing to do. I hate fortran. I hate fourplay. I hate talk radio. I hate trying to get that last sliver of toothpaste out of the tube because for the fourth day in a row I forgot to go to the toothpaste store on the way home from the office because I was so focused on that call I got from my brother's friend who said that CVC would definetley have good earnings and the restructuring wouldn't mean a thing so i bought it. My P&L bought it. I hate baby boomers. I hate Generation X. I hate Generation Y. I hate when my kids ask me the State's capitals and I have no idea what the capital of Mississippi is because i was drinking too much Jack last night.. that's it -- Jackson is the capital of Mississippi. Another close call. I hate people who send me passive aggressive e-mail because they don't have the guts to say it to my ear. I hate happy meal toys.
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  8. Straight answer to your "question": NO, and al long as what people is true and quantifiable, we can post whatever we like to a public forum. And no, I don't pay for the posts....that would be "bad business" and I have never been accused of doing "bad business".....hope everyone is happy.

    777, I hope that someday you too can do something you're proud of, like running a business, making money, helping others, and all the rest....if and when that "energy" of yours gets funneled to the "good side"...who knows, you might find your life tolerable.

    It seems that everyone is having fun with this thread, including you....." ya gotta lighten up a bit" you're making it too easy ....

    Have a great day...

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  9. Thank you for the straight answer, and thank you for the psychological evaluation.

    At this point I have to take your word for it Don, and I will further research and question the source of the rumor I heard to find out why I heard something different.

    As we know your word and reputation are the most important factor in a business, I am sure you have nothing to be concerned about it you have been completely straight and unequivocal with me in your answer.

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  10. Let's get it straight once and for all so we can stop questioning Don's intergrity. We may not like Don as a person or a huckster, but to question a trader's word which is his bond is a BIG issue. Don said outright the answer was no. Let us ask Baron and then you can apologize to Don if you were wrong and I am sure he will apologize to you if he is wrong.

    Baron, Do advertisers pay by the post or in some other way?

    I assume Baron is at the trader's convention and will not be able to respond to this immediately. Will the moderator of this thread please pass this on to Baron?!

    I hate this.
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