Detractors and Naysayers...

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. I hate it when the trader next to you wont stop farting
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  2. Definitely not lidodido, hitman and I have had several great conversations....and even though "lido" is probably going to be a friend, I think hitman would not have gotten that upset....

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  3. I hate Maria. I hate Laker fans more than I think the NBA is fixed. I hate men who wear jewelry. I hate women who wear underwear. I hate long haired hippie freaks who can't come to grips with what it takes to succeed in a capitalist country. I hate when there is no Coca-Cola in the refrigerator the morning after I drink 12 beers and eat three char dogs (all the way) from the Weiner Circle. I hate that annoying Tom Brokow lisp. I hate the uptick rule on the NYSE. I hate when the first bite of my Pizza burns my tongue so I can't taste anything for the next 2 days. I hate being on Hgwy 101 at rush hour. I hate when the clown in front of me's EZ Pass doesn't work and he isn't man enough to run the toll. I hate that nobody calls the AMEX the "Curb" anymore. I hate that nobody calls me anymore. I hate the Frazier show. I hate when my Depends leak. I hate wait staff that introduce themselves as if they are going to be my friend. I hate odd lot fills on Island. I hate Boy Bands. I hate plastic soda bottles. I want my glass back. I hate Hillary. I hate even numbers. I hate baseball players on steroids. I hate crybaby athletes who go on strike. I hate Lucky Strikes. I hate astronomy and astrology. I hate the fact that Wyle E. Coyote never catches the Road Runner. I hate Alan Alda. I hate, I hate, I hate.
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  4. stu


    Newatthis.... you're really Goodatthis
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  5. This is great, and we have a chance to share some humor instead of just bashing me....(which is an obvious plus!!)....

    OK, back to trading for a while....

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  6. Second that.:D
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  7. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    no, let's start with letter G :D
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  8. I always think back to some of the practical jokes my firends have played over the years.

    One was giving some of these guys a huge box of doughnuts one day.........

    a few days later a picture arrives of where the doughnuts have been :D

    That wasn't all chocolate on those donuts
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  9. I hate when people get complacent. Don, the bashing will continue until we get you to say uncle, renounce commissions, start trading the Naz and give a valuable training class. Now, I hate the inside out kind of sushi. I hate to have to stand behind the white line while on a school bus. I hate when I click on a website and all those pop-up windows start showing up. I hate sales tax. I hate the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport. I hate telemarking callers who can't pronounce "newatthis". I hate Microsoft because I think I am supposed to. I hate getting the broken seat at a crowded movie theater. I hate designer eyeglasses. I hate the Hamptons. I hate Malibu even more. I hate my wife's cat. I hate your cat. I hate the CAT specialist. I hate when the chicken nuggets I get are cold and chewey. I hate Shamrock shakes. I hate all blue food. I hate when I get on the wrong line at the grocery store. I always get on the wrong line at the grocery store. I hate kids toys with batteries. I hate my wife's toy with a battery. I hate adults who wear velcro closing sneakers. I hate REDI+ when I am losing money. I hate REDI+ when I am making money. I hate the fact that I won't switch from REDI+. I hate MSG. I hate everything about Washington D.C.
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  10. Don't mess with my pussy.
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