Detractors and Naysayers...

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. I thought I would make it easier for those with problems (real or imagined) with anyone or any all get together and post their notes here on one thread....that way we can save the rest of the board for constructive things.....

    Go ahead, whack, David, Bright, Echo, WorldCo, Andover, Generic, all the bad stuff that is interfering with your "life."

    Have a nice day...

  2. I despise anyone who makes more money than I do.

    There, I feel so much better now. Thanks, Don, for letting me get that out.

  3. I don't like taking advantage of desperate people by making them think they are getting a job.

    The firms must emphasize their "proffessional" nature in order to stay within regulations, but when they do they deceive the public.
  4. Don Bright!!! #$&^@*(*&!&(@%*...hehe:D
  5. ElCubano


    Pretty Clever to include the other trading firms...Takes the monkey off your back....Mr. Bright you are to smart...:D
  6. Oh yeah, I think all the firms supply doughnuts these days... I can't stand when people go to the doughnut box, pick up a doughnut, then see a doughnut they would rather have, put down the first doughnut and proceed to take another. ONCE YOU TOUCH IT, IT IS YOURS! Everyone got it?

    This is great, I am feeling waves of joy come over me as I get this out. I think I should start seeing a psychologist, this feels good.
  7. I can't stand a slow driver in the left hand lane. I hate when the umpire won't call an inside pitch a strike. I think the NBA is fixed. I hate MLB for not letting Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame. I hate people who use religion as a justification for anything. I hate beards on men but hate them even more on women. I hate when I know what I am doing wrong, but continue to do it anyway. I hate when my wife takes the last beer. I hate the lights at Wrigely field. I hate pastel colors. I hate it when my mouse doesn't move smoothly. I hate it when I run out of toilet paper. I hate the damn wrapping on a new CD that takes me 12 minutes to get off the case. I hate it when you are standing on a curb and a bus comes by and rides right through a puddle and splashes you. Why won't they understand me when I speak louder? I hate it when you don't put the seat down, put the cover back on the mayonaise or you forget to remind me to take out the damn garbage. What is so hard about just asking me to do it instead of yelling at me when I come home. Why treat me like a two year old? Is that all I am good for, taking out the garbage and making money? What is your problem?

    Sorry. Thanks.
  8. Tell us how you all really feel....this is much cheaper than "therapy" (or trading while in a bad mood).

    Geez, the ET "social club" is getting tough....I want my buddy "Hitman" back!!! It's funny, when we spoke on the phone, we both had a great time, laughed about all the "hostility" than was generated by our fighting with one another...and yet, we both kept a mutual respect for each other...

    anyway, I'm in the Long Beach office, and will be in Anaheim I said, I'll try to remember to wear my "bullet proof vest" to the event....

    Don :)
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    NBA is fixed ......look at what they did to Sacramento...
  10. Bryan Roberts

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    when i was in the bright vegas office i used to like to lick the doughnuts and put them back in the box!!!! it was all i could do to not burst out laughing when i would hear someone else comment on how fresh and moist the doughnuts were!!!! J/K

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