Deterrent for those who deserve it.

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  1. Above-ground prisons. No guards. After Constitutional court convicts:

    Glass enclosure. Conviction record outside. You are in a chair. Cannot move except fingers and toes. A tube in your mouth for well-balanced meals. Suction devices for feces and urine.

    Some who deserve this, which is at the core of the corruption behind the economics of why some are not allowed success:
    - central bank owners
    - awol soldiers in underground bunkers
    - hackers
    - website owners who sell private information
  2. A few more might come to mind:

    Monsanto owners and execs.
    Energy company execs.
    Pharmaceutical company execs.
    Possibly all members of the AMA.

    Anyone else like genetic modifications?
  3. One might ask, "Andrew, how are you still alive?"

    Good question. I do know the answers.

    Last close-call on an assassination attempt was about a year and a half ago. Miami. Brickell to be exact. Across the street from Mary Brickell shopping place. The art bar across from the burger place.
  4. Most in power are pure bluff. That's one answer.

    Another answer is they have to make it look like an accident.

    Using military snipers on unarmed civilians might raise a few questions. One tried, but that was about 3 years ago in Scottsdale, Arizona. Motel 6 next to the south Scottsdale mall, whatever the name was. On Camelback.
  5. Another answer is the assassin usually figures out they will be killed themselves. That could be from self-defense from me, or it could be to eliminate witnesses.

    Another answer is the basic truth that all attacks require recon. I am pretty good at detecting the recon, creating a diversion, interrupting the recon, or somehow or another stepping aside long enough to create witnesses they can't cover.
  6. Interestingly enough, a few weeks ago they ran out of the type of assassin that can:
    - do the recon
    - get close enough for an attack
    - competent enough to get the kill

    And the last one was 3, perhaps 4. On that last one, it was not a close call. It was an attack, however, I pretty much sat there. Three female civilian friendlies I had been training for several months disarmed all trigger points. How? Anticipating the attack, and diplomatically and socially preventing it. I suggested a tagline for that trio:

    "took out the last of the hairpin assassins"

    I think that was the exact quote. I wrote it down, but don't have perfect recall.
  7. No one will believe me on this... however:

    I was genetically selected by the Pentagon and others before I was born. Parents arranged. Likely ovum donor. I think both parents are long since dead. I was a civilian, but trained in everything. Held to the highest standards of every admiral and general. Trained to do anything. I was the just in case.

    During the Cold War, if a nuclear attack occurred on US soil, I was the survivor. The one who could locate survivors and rebuild cities. There were others. Not so much alternates. They were to be in my charge. However, those alternates were compromised and they turned it into a competition.

    King of the Hill is a sand-castle game for children. Those who know how to kill the king frequently do not know how to manage the kingdom.
  8. So they started my training early. In isolation. Can he survive in 80 degree below weather by himself with rudimentary tools? Can he teach himself to fly? Can he captain a sailing vessel? Can he build teams from the most unlikely and least likely? ETC. ad nauseum.
  9. FYI, self-defense. One form of training is to punch a variety of surfaces from a variety of angles. The goal is to punch as hard as you physically can, without harming the surface, or your hand. I started training that at 16 or 17. All the way to granite. Do so only when angry. Adrenaline is necessary.

    There is Tai Kwon Do. Then there is Thai Kwon Do. Then there is Koh Kwon Do. And also Dee Kwon Do. Pronunciation is very important.
  10. A picture of my 3 year old son.
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