Determinism of the International Political Economy is now Sino centric?

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    In the Classical era, Global Trade processed acknowledgement of the regimization of various Chinese dynasties like that of Tang, Han, Qing, Ming, etc. and in the Contemporary era, it has been also economically generalized that the respective Economic foreign policies (under Unilateralism or so-called Multilateralism) of so-called nation-states privileged under the anarchic International Economic system holistically heuritizes 'Chinese factor' (since 1979) as a prior element for Economic determinism.

    [I uphold another argument in the scene of International Politics, that the Sino centrism now in dragon domination mode does have specifically underestimated Human Rights factor in determining International Relations.]

    Do not these all posit 'selective' Economic Liberalism in the organism of International Political Economy ?
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    I may be not sure about myself (thanks to thy stereotyping) but for sure that you still have not smartly comprehended the parameters as requisite to ratiocinate upon China as a sole factor for the adoption of principles of International Political Economy (and for your kind information, it be not only 'West').

    And not only the currency war associated in this G-2 but how about the politics over MFN status which have advantageously led China to destruct certain variables (if you were to only talk about West).

    Get some Reading instead of beer !! :D
  3. sounds kind of contradictory to me, I agree, Western culture may not be superior to Eastern culture, but by the same token, European beer is not necessarily superior to American beer.

    to each his own
  4. European/foreign beer is far superior to US style dog piss...
    I agree with the first response that used real down to earth words and to the point language, the poster is obviously using English as a second language and wants to mask it...he instead of being sooo pretentious, shoud pop open a bottle of Tsing Tao and chill.
  5. well that's just a matter of choice and taste. When I was young and could only afford one six pack a week, and lived in California where a cornucopia of imported beers were available I tried them all and had some favorites (especially San Miguel dark which was only available as an export from the Phillipines), but as I got older, and my stomache got weaker I developed an appreciation for lighter horse piss American beers.

    So don't be a snob.

    The truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.

    Like the man said, if you live in the middle of the road you get run over (usually by the truth.)
  6. the funny thing is, I was at a barbeque (well in California it wasn't really a barbeque in the real style, but let's just say a cook out) and somebody brought some Watney's beer. They made a big deal out of it and so did I.

    A couple of years later I met an Englishman and asked him about Watneys and he laughed and said, "Watneys? Watneys is to England what Budweiser is to America."
  7. but getting back to the point, I suppose this has something with who is going to be the big dog, America or China.

    I guess it depends on who can recover their destroyed culture sooner. Andrew Jackson destroyed ours in the 1800's, Mao destroyed theirs in the 1900's, so we have a hundered years on them.
  8. I actually felt myself drowning in the original post. Thanks for the snorkel.
  9. cogniscence, that is what is missing, it was very fashionable back in the late 80's
  10. US microbrews are fine, recently I had a bud light because I was in a bar and it was $2.50 (happy hour). Usually, I drink alcohol free beer only, and only German! I like the Chech beer too, the majors (coors, etc) are pure shit for the working classes, just like everything else we make in the US. Even movies are going down hill. Is this snobbish, or I just perhaps have better taste? :)
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