determing opening price on NASDAQ

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chika, Jul 25, 2001.

  1. chika


    Is there a way that I can get a sense of what the opening price on a stock will be before the market opens? That way I can place a limit order that will be reasonably close to the open. Also on the NYSE, there is no spread between the bid and ask on the open. Does it work the same way on the NASDAQ?

  2. Fohat


    Look at the preopen futures values, which will give you a general sense where the market will open.

    Check out at what price the stock is trading on the most liquid ECNs : Instinet, Island, Redibook. You can get this info free for Island ECN from :

    A good idea is to switch to a broker which trades premarket and afterhours, so you can trade before the market opens.

    Since there are several ECNs and Marke Makers for each NASDAQ stock , not a single specialist like on NYSE which controls the opening price, there is a spread between the Nasdaq stocks bid and ask on the open.