Determineing the value of an old Geico Cert

Discussion in 'Trading' started by birdman, Oct 28, 2003.

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    Geico was bought by Berhshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet) in 1995 and as far as I can tell his holdings all trade as a group under BRKA since I don't find a symbol for Geico, I suppose this is correct?

    A friend has really old Geico stock certs. How would one go about determining their value?

    This person also says the the stock certs may be lost. I'm familar with the replacing lost certs process, but would it be further complicated in this case. Should she contact Berkshire Hathaway?

  2. Any brokerage firm can run a check on old certs in minutes.
    Probably even without the paper.
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