determine trend?

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  1. What is your way to determine an (intraday) trend?
  2. A first order infinite impulse response filter, colloquially in the trade AKA Brown or alpha filter. But don't tell Jack, I don't want him to learn anything new. Might mess up 50 years of ignoring progress in mathematics.
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    do you have a degree in FECAL ALCHEMY?
  4. You ever see "The Adventure of Buckaroo Banzai in the 23rd Century"? "Laugh-a while-a you can-a, Monkey Boy!"
  5. Believe it or not, what is more important than determining Trend on an intraday basis is determining the direction of Price from it's extreme Support and Resistance oscillations intraday.

    The chart is an example. You can see the Trend designated but "knowing" price has established and confirmed an extreme support level or has established and confirmed an extreme resistance level in that Trend is the utmost concern of a daytrader.
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    I have read a number of your posts and hope you can tell me what criteria you use to label a successfull test of a prime high or low. You have stated, I believe, that every prime high or low will be tested but I have not found any explanation of what that test consists of. Is it simply price making another high or low in the vicinity?
  7. how many moves ( price/time segments) in one direction increase the probability that the next move or series of same will be in the same direction? this should be the primary question asked by those looking to trend trade, however, for some reason, this question befuddles the trend traders. regards, surf
  8. BB, here is a thread that will give you a good explanation. I use nested charts so I can view the Trend from one increment and then the wave oscillations that make up that trend from the next fastest sequential chart increment. The bottom of the chart I posted designated Trend oscillations from Extremes and the top portion of the chart shows the extreme oscillations from the next sequentially faster chart increment. All of those oscillations are labeled in real-time.
  9. Bearbelly, you should be ashamed of yourself cheating on Jack and covering your bets! Spydie will teach you everything you need to know.
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