Detailed example of Wall Street Collusion

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    In case you have not been following the story, the CEO of has gone on record with his account of how hedge funds collude with research firms, reporters, and law firms to smear a company in order to drive the direction of stock prices. He also shows how naked shorting is done.

    He gives specific names with examples and shows the relationships between the different people. (hedge fund Rocker Partners, reporter Herb Greenberg, WSJ reporter, law firm Milberg Weiss, etc.)

    Very interesting read...
  2. He should quit whining like a pussy and focus on his company's results. If he delivers, then he can blow out the shorts. If he doesn't, then he'll be Krispy Kremed.

    Herb Greenberg reports as part of a free press. Get over it CEO.

    Is this country turning into a bunch of goddamned babies or what?
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    Here's the presentation slides.

    Where are people getting the shares to short?

    Look at the pattern of
    1) Hedge fund takes short position
    2) Specifically named reporters writes negative articles
    3) Law firm Milberg Weiss files shareholder lawsuits
    3) Hedge fund makes profit on short position.

    Looks like Michael Milken is back...
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    The CEO is a huge bitch who uses this to distract everyone from the terrible company he is running. He is big in his distractions. Look at the insider activity he is the only buyer of the insiders the rest are exercising options and selling.
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    I have no doubt there is some collusion at times, but it's on both sides.

    And how many times over the years have we seen that "those mean shorts are running down our company..." crapola?

    Maybe on small companies with low-float you could hurt them permanently with shorting and negative reporting, but there is plenty of big money looking to go the other way if the shorties are wrong.
  6. big money versus fake shares...who wins?
  7. i wonder if that really is jeff mathew's personal confidential phone number??? LOL LOL LOL what a dumbass...i'm not making this stuff up people!!!


    -yesterday it was wall street tippin off day traders
    -day before it was insiders dumping CME before the big announcemnt from the CBOT

    seems like everyday there is more B.S.
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    Squawk box a few days back after trading hours had the story on. You would have to believe his story to be factual to a large degree considering his claims and the court actions that will follow if he can not validate his claims.

    His story is not uncommon either. Funds/Banks shorting to buy especially on new IPO's or buying to sell then shorting.

    just an everyday occurence in this insane business