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    I'll be in the Bahamas come June 8th when the kids are out of school (Cove/Atlantis) and I am pushing 15% at 6'3" 247lbs. The goal is to keto my way to 232 and 12% by the day of the flight.

    It's much easier to enter keto on a >2/3 fat/protein ratio. Ideally 80% fats to avoid gluconeogenesis.

    These are my staples:

    Organic/pastured eggs. 8-10/day fried in Kerry Gold unsalted butter.
    Angus hot dogs!
    The occasional Morningstar quinoa and garlic veggie burger, but only after a few days in ketosis.
    Kale, spinach, celery, ginger juice daily from a Welles Press.

    60 minutes on the Concept2 rower each day.
    Day1: Trap bar legs/back (305; 5x8 sets)
    Day2: Close-grip bench (varies; 5x8)
    Day3: off
    Day4: DL
    Day5: off
    Day6: Fr/back squats
    Day7: off

    Day1: 247 ~15%
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    Three egg omelet with cheddar. <2g carbs. Two hot dogs for lunch; <2g carbs. 3g fish oil.
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    I jacked it up. 70/30 minimum fat/protein.
  4. Man, you are all in. I know you know far more about this stuff than I do but, for me, that is a scary diet. Yes, I remember what you said about VLDL. Even so, you're really flying without a net here, eh? :D

    Good luck.

    P.S. Is that your new workout routine, or is it just for the keto journey?
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    Thanks. I look ok, but I don't have much time to reduce. It's hard core as I've got 22 days.

    VLDL is nearly all from sugars.

    It's my standard workout now that I got the Eleiko trap bar.

    I've added Costco's pulled pork, but I typically shy from pork.
  6. Very cool looking bar, and practical, too. I can see where this would be better for DLs.

    I remember. Even so, I still can't bring myself to go whole hog on saturated fats. Out of timidity or whatever, I'm still trying to keep it at a reasonable minimum. Old habits die hard, eh? That and because experts have been flip-floppy over time on the subject.
  7. Since I already asked the question of someone else today, let me ask you. How did you arrive at 5 sets per exercise? Why not 4 or 6, or whatever? Serious question.
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    I seem to get the most DOMS at 5 sets on compound lists. It's subtle as I am basically in maintenance (on lifts).

    Wife made fried burritos for lunch. WTF girl?
  9. Sounds vaguely subversive.
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  10. I remember our discussion about DOMS last year:

    I'm still not convinced about its meaningfulness:

    I don't really understand the science behind it but, as I wrote last year, even when I was doing more volume years ago, I did not experience the kind of soreness described. That is, unless I took about 10 days off or changed/added an exercise. This is when I had made what I considered to be really good gains in size and strength. And as I said, I wasn't a slouch. I went all out for a good 10 sets per muscle group to concentric failure. I will say that I had, and still have, mild soreness and some muscle fatigue the following day(s), but not to the point that it affects my ROM. So what gives?

    Also, what do you think of the studies that suggest multiple sets are either marginally or no better than one very good set per exercise? Of course, there are conflicting studies, but some of the stuff I've read by researchers like Ralph Carpinelli, Richard Winett, James Steele, and James Fisher really stand out. And their critique of the pro-multi-set studies, notably Carpinelli's critique, is really worth reading.
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