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Should Dest leave...?

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  1. YEA!

  2. NAY!

  1. destriero


    I will be bound to the polling data. I am only giving the poll 12 hours so that BS 1-lot posters don't skew the results. I will abide by the outcome.
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  2. destriero


    Please vote in the poll. You get the free cookies, regardless. I voted "yea" (had to vote to read results). I always read the epilogue.
  3. destriero,

    Why do you have poll like this for asking members should you leave the ET forum or not?
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  4. Our lives would be empty without you, you dick!
  5. fan27


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  6. Because I’m on tilt.
  7. destriero


    <choked up>
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  8. NQurious


    I was going to lurk but not log in but felt I had to do my part for democracy ... I'd like to see you stick around, at least until I bail.
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  9. destriero


    The more blotters I post the more hate I get... so I figured that it's easier (certainly for me) to allow people to wallow in self pity.
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  10. destriero,

    Maybe I am confused. But the purpose of this forum is to engaged in trading discussions and increase edge on making money.

    What is all this talk on blotters and self pity? Say whatever you want on this forum who cares what other people think about what you say.

    Stay on the forum and have fun man, and stop bullshitting around man.
    #10     May 13, 2019
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