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    I'm going to document my final gear/peptide cycle (lifetime). I am in my early 50s and as I age I've decided to lean out and focus on cycling (MTB) and an eventual 210 weight goal and VO2Max performance. I'll post a pic when the thread has run its course. My avatar pic was taken nearly a year ago.

    I am 6'3" 250lbs at 14% BF% by DXA.

    My current lifts (compound):

    Bench: 372 for two (second did not lockout/aided); PB 407.
    DL: 566
    Sq: 520*

    I am a solid squatter but my Achilles was torn and my ankle, calf, thigh were broken in my 20s. I am not concerned with increasing my PB in squat. I workout in the 400-450 range. Bench is static 315 inside a Hoist Mi7Smith machine. Squats also within the Mi7 and in the 400-420 range, typically static without drops, and high reps for all sets. Warmup at half of 1RM for all.

    I boxed in my teens and 20s (McGarry) and have always used boxing as cardio. I've got speed and heavy bags in the house.

    I haven't been on a cycle in over two years. My plan is 30mg Oxandrolone (Anavar), test cyp (unsure of what cycle proportion I'll run) and 2mg of rhGH for four days on, three days off. I can elaborate why the split GH schedule, but it comes from long experience.

    Diet consists of lean protein (no supplemental), beans/legumes, some pasta. I don't drink/smoke. I don't eat any simple sugars. It's not idealogical; I just don't have a taste for sugar.

    I just had blood work from an insurance physical. I can't find the chart, but all were in the green and my total chol was 115. Ratios were excellent. If I can locate it I'll post the full workup here.

    Supplements that I take (daily)

    400mg CoQ10
    20mg Mitoquinone
    50mg DHEA b.i.d.
    Sublingual GSH
    C, D, multivitamin
    Fish oil

    I am posting this now, in the Spring, as both of my racks are in the garage. I've got the Mi7Smith and a Rogue Monster rack (1" bolts). I have an office/apt in LA and the reason I chose the building was for the gym. It's amazing.

    For cardio I have a Concept2 rower in the bedroom, a VersaClimber and my wife has a Peloton. Trek Rail 9.9 for bikepacking and a LaMere Fat Bike.

    I typically do a three-split, all compound, but I've added overheads for delts and occasional bi-curls. Day on/day off. Today is bench and tri. I only do flat bench with grip-width variation. I no longer do any dips.
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    I took 30mg anavar at waking with a shot of grapefruit juice. 3g EPA/DHA. I did eat a whole a la carte steak teriyaki from Teriyaki Madness. Not the best decision that I've made today.
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    Cool. Only 400mg CoQ10 daily? No more ALA or ALCAR?
  4. I am starting my next push back to health. COVID19 fucked up my schedule and eating habits (having a teenage son who eats like a horse with 8% BF doesnt help) and killed all my sports which kept me motivated. I now get hoops once a week and softball (softball is like playing golf, it is for fun not for a workout). Soccer might start up soon :(.

    I have to cut out most sugars, my body stores it like a bear hibernating for the winter and I DO HAVE A TASTE FOR IT! I need to hit my rower and weight stack and I put in a heavy bag around the holidays. Wing Chin dummy is arriving in a month (handmade so takes forever :().

    I need to go on this journey as I will be turning 50 this year and llike a car, shit starting to break down haha.

    I am 6' and up to 242 lbs. (yikes- but it is all in my belly and face- legs still gave me those genes).

    I am afraid to get a blood test now as I will have 10% blood in my cholesterol haha

    Goal is 215lbs. by end of June. It won't happen by June but if you set a tough goal and fight for it and come up short you will still see some great gains. Will track along with Dest for motivation.
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    Yeah, I hadn't had blood work for a couple years (been lax) so I was surprised that my chol and ratios were so good. I don't eat any sugar save for kid's birthdays. Stevia in coffee, etc. You can always go on some red yeast rice and supplement with CoQ10 if your numbers are high.
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    Yeah the pandemic fucked my shit up too. I'm not in my 50's and weight under 200 lbs, but definitively feeling out of shape. I fell off a regular training routine awhile ago and my diet is not the greatest. I am somewhat active for work, but it's not enough. I definitely need more cardio in my life.
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    Nice effort. I highly recommend the site, it enables the person to insert their diet see issues with it. When I found the site, I found that my diet was quite hipocaloric and it pretty much was the reason why I was so underweight (My BMI was around 17). Which according to some, creates as many health problems as being overweight. I was able to get my BMI up a few points and also found out about some nutrient deficiencies I wasn't aware of
    Good luck
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    Blood cholesterol comes from heredity. It doesn't come from food. Triglycerides come from bad diet.
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    You're an idiot. Vegans average 25mg(dL) lower that the general population. Lifestyle factors are a far greater impact. Sugar trumps all. Conversion of simple sugars to VLDL results in high serum chol and atherosclerosis. The structure of animal fats are a poor predictor of atherosclerosis as the fats are generally too large and ill-structured to adhere to arterial walls.

    I eat a lot of meat. I eat a lot of fat. 115 total chol.
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    Triglycerides come from sugar metabolism ie bad diet. Blood cholesterol comes from heredity ie liver.