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Discussion in 'Journals' started by destriero, May 1, 2019.

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  1. As a new trader half of what is posted in this Journal is way above my head, but journals like this one are gold to me. It makes me realize there is so much to learn but also that consistent profits ARE possible. Thanks for being so open Destriero, I wish more successful traders would keep public journals.
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  2. destriero


    I am the Atticus chapter. There are some translation issues (logarithm?!) but I neglected to edit the draft when asked. My fault.

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  4. Yes I too thank atticus/destriero/riskarb/etc. Just by watching and learning, asking relevant questions, digging deep into what he has posted here has made me profitable. Ive pretty much went through all his posts on his accounts and learned many things, it is a goldmine. I think all great minds learn from others, and atticus has definitely been an inspiration for me. Thank you!
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  5. destriero


    Holy Sh*t! Nice going!
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  6. tiddlywinks


    I agree. Dest inspired me to re-learn. Hell, my IRA accounts were not even setup for options. That's since been fixed as a result too!! Most importantly however, expansion into commodity options, Ags and softs in particular, is currently underway! Anyway, I credit destriero for my renewed interest and the fresh thinking and benefits that come as a result!

    Thanks dest! I really appreciate your participation and postings!!
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  7. Hello, Destriero. Many thanks for sharing your activity here. I was wondering if you ever got the chance to build the sheet and share it for us.
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  8. Wait, atticus/destriero and riskarb are all the same dude?

    I mean it makes sense because of the ocean of knowledge and info, but I didn't know! I study those 3 plus @sle like a hawk. Great stuff!
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  9. Hi Dest, could I get a link to the google sheet as well? I've been learning a lot from this journal. I can't send you a PM so hopefully this gets to you.
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  10. Wow man! This is good! Are you also trading primarily 1-3-2 flies?
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