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    Short NQ (swing) from 62.50 here.
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    Me too!
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    This journal will encompass everything that I trade in the listed markets. Obviously nothing that I trade in the FO. Haters will fall on deaf ears. Please refer the Journal to the SEC and CFTC. I trade for a family office and am not offering services to the public. I'll have to stop this journal before my shop is up and running. Or before. Who knows.

    All trades will be marketable. I'll screenshot my weekly PNL in my IRA and taxable.

    Each trade will be timestamped with the NBBO (or mid on vol). Zero fvcks given if you can't fill at my price. I am not going to take you to raise. The stuff will be marketable when I post. Can't fill? Grow a brain.

    I'll produce better than 4x risk. I will not respond to f*ckheads /Period.
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    Great idea for a journal
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    DestOne: Short NQM9 from 62.5. Stops are 7913-17.
  6. destriero


    Working the GOOGL MAY17 1120/60/00/40 condor from 25.5 risk (25.3 mid). I have some calls in one account and the iron in another.

    DestTwo: Long GOOGL MAY17 condor from 25.5 risk. I would risk 3.8% of account (max) if taking this trade. PNL will reflect that figure.
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    I you post your option trades, I'll need Google translator :D
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    True story
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    He destriero,

    What are the taxes like (%) in the IRA versus trading outside of the IRA ?

    I don't pay taxes in the U.S. but I keep coming across more and more traders trading from within their IRA. Thus, there must be some sort'uv advantage for doing such.

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    The 10% penalty before turning 59 1/2. Nominal rates beyond the penalty.
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