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    We've got a closed group on discord. I'm not advertising it here and it's not open to new members. I expect many of them will post here. I'd like to limit this to PNL and spec/looks on volatility. I only mention the group as I'd hope they will be the dominant contributors to the journal. While it's not practical to limit it to my group--this thread is not open to outrights in shares or futures.

    Bluntly, don't post here unless you 1) have daily *option* PNL to post or, 2) you're interested in discussing structuring and specific positions taken in volatility. Equity vol. No Delta1 in shares or futures. If you post that shit you will be nullified.

    No straight equity runs. No futures statements. If you don't trade vol your posts will be ignored and removed. If you're wondering if your shit is relevant then it isn't. If the urge still hasn't passed then send me a PM and ask.

    Starting June 19th I'll be posting two PNL video runs per day; one at 3:45 PM EDT and another at Midnight EDT with the settled PNL. Either through imgur or youtube. $5-15MM in net liq to start depending on where I land.
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  2. Shit, I guess this means I'll have to start moving some fucking size now.
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  3. It's not the size, but how you use it!
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    TBS, this is great.

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    Reco: Long the AAPL May29 310-330P fly from 8.9 debit marketable. It's excellent here. (or naked) short the May29 310 combo outright from 13.1 marketable.

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    Also the May29/Jun5 325/330 call diag from (NBBO is -0.10 to 0.00) to even money. It's a lock. Short the May 225C; long the June 230C, one to one.

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    You mean 3xx calls
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    thanks. Corrected the latter post.
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    Reco: short the SPX May29 2940 combo from 99.8. It's par-mid here.

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