Destruction of the Democrats

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  1. You leftists are so hell bent on bashing Bush, you lose focus on these Democrats: [​IMG]

    Nancy Pelosi, Congressman since 1987, Speaker since 1/07
    Harry Reid, Senator since 1986
    Joe Biden, Senator since 1973, VP since 1/09
    Ted Kennedy, Senator from 1962 to 2009
    Charles Rangel, Congressman since 1971
    Hillary Clinton, Senator 1/01, Secretary of State 1/09
    Barrack Obama, Senator 1/07, President 1/09

    Yes, Obama is at the bottom because he's the most inexperienced of the bunch.
  2. Majority of American are leftists?

  3. Obamateurism of the week, previous 2010 “winners”:
    • Obama endorses Ground Zero mosque, then says he wasn’t “commenting on the wisdom” of building it at the site
    • Slams GOP for focusing on elections — from a fundraiser in Austin, TX
    • Obama scolds politicians with “We shouldn’t be campaigning all the time” … while on The View
    • Obama says First Couple “not far removed” from economic pain in financial collapse despite making millions in 2008
    • Obama expects to be held accountable on jobs, but it’s Bush’s fault
    • New NASA mission objectives all about self-esteem, none about space
    • Obama misquotes Statue of Liberty poem and screws up its history
    • Obama golfs as BP’s CEO yachts
    • Obama says Gulf disaster will have similar impact to 9/11, then goes golfing the next day
    • “We talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers so I know whose ass to kick“
    • “Singularly focused” Obama’s golfing, fundraising, vacation, and sports events
    • “Obviously, the loss of Daniel Pearl was one of those moments that captured the world’s imagination because it reminded us of how valuable a free press is.”
    • Criticizes AZ immigration enforcement for paper checking while Secret Service checks immigration statusof students at Obama event
    • “Information becomes a distraction” with X-boxes, PlayStations, iPods, iPads
    • “I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”
    • President who demands that Americans show health-insurance papers suddenly skittish about residency documents
    • Playing golf instead of paying respects to the late Polish president
    • “Whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower”
    • Gives 17-minute answer to question about being overtaxed
    • Believes Tea Party core is Birthers
    • Obama refused to be seen with Netanyahu
    • “Your employer, it’s estimated, would see premiums fall by as much as 3000%!”
    • Obama off by $868 billion on CBO deficit savings projection of ObamaCare
    • Obama challenges GOP on tort reform, winds up proving GOP point on reconciliation
    • Obama’s “Acme Insurance” anecdote proves he doesn’t understand insurance
    • Obama claims 2 million jobs saved or created, website shows 590K
    • Obama gripes about filibusters in a year with none … after having 60 seats in the Senate
    • Obama says “corpse-man” for corpsman 3 times at Nat’l Prayer Breakfast
    • Scolding the Supreme Court over ruling that he got completely wrong during SOTU
    • People are unhappy with Obama’s performance because he didn’t get enough public face time to explain himself
    • Suddenly jobs saved or created “never expected to be the public accounting of Obama’s goal to save or create 3.5 million jobs”
    • Obama rushes home for minor injury to family friend, keeps golfing after EunuchBomber attack
  4. What a thread. lmao:D
  5. Obama knows he's a one termer and he knows he never should have been elected.

    He's just milking it for all it's worth with the parties, vacations and golfing.

    SOURCES: While president was in Martha's Vineyard, workers at White House have been busy installing new carpets, drapes, painting, etc. in Oval Office... Developing...
  6. Unfortunately, the stink he'll leave behind will be nearly impossible to eradicate. :mad:
  7. JamesL


    It took nearly 3 decades to undo the damage of the last one.
  8. I know, he's done a lot of damage in a little less than 2 year. We will spend the next decade cleaning up the mess. What will happen is those obamaniacs will suffer the most during the clean up.

    I would expect the democrats to be through for two decades, marginal participation at best.

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