Destroying a man's life over 13$

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  1. A taxi driver who was accused of molestation after he rebuffed his female fare’s attempts to smoke in his cab. The driver let them off at their stop and they skipped paying the tab and he recorded them telling others that he tried to “molest” them.

    False rape accusations are a major problem today. Here are some statistics. Women's testimonies are generally taken at face value by courts, which results in large numbers of men ending up spending decades in prison for rapes they didn't commit.

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  2. It's interesting that the cab driver is a de facto deputy to enforce smoking laws. So if these girls smoke in his cab he gets a $500 fine? What compensation does he get for enforcing the no smoking law?

    What other areas of society is everyone a deputy with a particular law they have to enforce? Just wondering.
  3. Crispy


    "See something, Say something"

    We got a better chance statistically of being murdered by a police officer than killed in a terrorist attack in the USA. Yet....we have the campaign below.

    You the East German Stazi used friends, family and neighbors to spy on each other.
  4. Just another example of why... "If women didn't have a pussy, there'd be a bounty on them".

    (Them lying bitches could run for Congress!)
  5. I doubt every cab driver wants to breath other peoples smoke regardless of the laws.
  6. It's crazy but that's the way it is. $500 is quite a hefty sum for a cab driver. Most men wouldn't dare protest the deviant behavior of young women. This guy did have the guts. Good for him. But it's shocking that he almost ended up arrested on sexual assault charges.

    Taming a pack of shrews is a rare skill today. Cab drivers tend to be extroverted guys who aren't afraid to stand up for themselves even when the odds are against them. Unlike, say, high school teachers or liberal college professors (many of whom have a femdom fetish).