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    Since @destriero blocked me, I am sending this message as a public service:

    I just want to thank him for his butterfly posts. If not for those, I would have never known butterflies could be very profitable. So far, I made a dozen trades and the results are :thumbsup:.

    I am very grateful.
  2. Real Money

    Real Money

    Give some examples.
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  3. Did you have a chance to count how many threads this guy opened with a few winning trades and abandoned after things did not appear to work his way? I counted more than a dozen at least...

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  4. Hey, @ironchef - I've done a number of fly trades, and made out OK, but I can't say that I have a good handle on them; my experience with them is mostly that you want to enter on a high IV, but then you want it to drop/price to stay around where it was at entry. Also, getting in and out at anything near the mark is very difficult. Have you learned anything about them that makes life a bit easier that you want to share?
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    I think he's left ET. For me the most profitable is still vertical spreads. The result and mechanism are very similar but it's much easier to set up and less commission.
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    Did you pick up something from him that was not available in textbooks?
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    OMG I spit my bourbon out lol - hilarious!
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    Stop wasting bourbon! It's X-Mas!
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  9. Are you Asiaprop/Volpunter/GRULSTMRNN?

    Finally get settled in B.C? How was the move from Hong Kong?

    You've been on the site for a month and still haven't put up a single useful post. You claim expertise in DNN trading models, post the details of one and help ironchef recover from his March drawdown.
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  10. Not sure what you are talking about. But looking at destrieros' past threads most did not last too long as he cut it short each time all of a sudden. What would you make of it?

    By the way where are your strategies that you have published here? Any links?

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