Destiero is the biggest, fattest welshing pu$$y that ET has ever seen

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    Dude claims I had no GME, apparently because either I sold it all at the open or close the prior day or was auto-liquidated or something like that (his story keeps changing, consistent with his lack of brain cells). I call him on it. He says he will pay me my profits if I show them to him. I say fantastic.

    Then he continues to spin, spin, spin, and it becomes I have to post video proof with all sorts of requirements, and I have to do it essentially RIGHT NOW, which of course I can't because I am at work, don't have a youtube account, have never made a video in my life, etc. etc. But I tell him I will get it done. But nope, he changes his stipulation that it has to all be done before close of the trading day, knowing I can't get it done by then.

    He is a truly the biggest, fattest, most welshing pu$$y that ET has ever seen.
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    He is a drama queen, egotistical, jerkoff, if you have not noticed it yet. Threatens to leave the ET forum, I guess someone hurt his ego but, never leaves? In addition, this ET troll, whines and cries about the US when he lives in Colombia? This idiot is not even a US citizen.
  3. destriero


    You have time for this shit but no time to upload a video showing your 356 short GME? I gave you OVER THREE HOURS TO POST THE VIDEO. You have ZERO risk.

    Owning you doesn't even begin to cover the emasculation.
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    lol I haven't lived in Barranquilla since 1994. My family left Sweden in 1908 and settled North of Chicago.
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    For that amount of money I will take leave and go hire a video grapher.
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  6. @Saltynuts You sure are busy at work!

    RIP SaltyNuts

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    Our Prayers are with his family, and loved ones, during these difficult times.

    He left this earth at 4:00pm (EST).
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    Salty all you have to do is post a screen shop of your position, same as you did at the beginning of your adventure that shows the P&L.

    If you didn't dispose of any shares the cost basis and loss will be reflected in todays P&L.
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    Correct, but a video with timestamps and PNL. Takes a few minutes.
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  9. destriero


    You can't get it done with over three hours to upload? Three hours = NOW?

    Dude, you're false. A fraud. Anyone can (and should) read the thread. HTF would I know you can't do it before the close? Are we fucking, Bro? You can post 25x by 2pm EST but you can't upload a video?
  10. destriero


    lol 300 (not 356) shares as he just shorted today. No PNL (bc he shorted today). He stated he was at work but produces a pic from his Noxzema workstation.

    The entire purpose of the video was to show the running PNL on the short to prove you didn't short it today for the purposes of the video. It's analogous to waiting for the outcome of the game and attempting to place the bet after it's over.

    And with that you still fail bc it's 300 you shorted today. You can't short the full position (356) bc of losses being liquidated at 340.