Despite Mandate 2/3 Of Uninsured To Stay Uninsured In 2014

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    This doesn't bode well for keeping insurance costs down under ObamaCare. It seems we are going to see massive increases in our personal costs and decreases to our services.

    The most recent report issued by the CBO in May appears pessimistic. Of the 55 million "Uninsured Nonelderly People" the report lists for 2013, only 11 million, or 20 percent, are projected to obtain insurance during 2014; the number of uninsured falls only to 44 million next year according to the CBO. This leaves a full 80 percent uninsured, significantly more than the 67 percent found by the survey.

    In fact, the CBO projects that under Obamacare over the next decade, the number of uninsured will never fall below 30 million. Here are the year-by-year projections from the report:

    2013 - 55,000,000
    2014 - 44,000,000
    2015 - 37,000,000
    2016 - 31,000,000
    2017 - 30,000,000
    2018 - 30,000,000
    2019 - 30,000,000
    2020 - 30,000,000
    2021 - 31,000,000
    2022 - 31,000,000
    2023 - 31,000,000

    Despite Obamacare’s mix of requirements, mandates, subsidies, and penalties, the CBO projects that the law will never be able to decrease the number of uninsured below 11 percent of the population. During the decade projected by the CBO, the percentage of uninsured nonelderly persons decreases from 20 percent in 2013 to 11 percent by 2016, but then remains there for the rest of the ten year period.
  2. Just one step closer to a medicaid for all option then single payer.As The Joker would say...

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    Or the dismantling of the failure which is Obamacare.

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  4. You probably thought the same thing would happen to SS and medicare .If you think the people are going to allow pre existing condition bans and many of the other ins company abuses to come back you are sadly mistaken.SS and medicare started off with problems and they were fixed not dismantled,the same will happen with Obamacare
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    We'll just have to see what happens with this unpopular legislation. At some point Washington has to listen to the people.
  6. This is one of my major problems with Obamacare. The majority of uninsured people will opt to pay the fine instead of getting health insurance. This means the mandate policy is failing to achieve its objective.
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    I assume you mean it's stated objective. The real objective of course being more government control over it's subjects.
  8. Exactly right. I mean, why should I pay $400 per month when I can just wait until I get sick and then get insurance. I mean since they cant deny me, now. I'll just pay the $750 fine or whatever it is. Save myself $1,000s