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    Ponderable: Why people think that trading is a completely different business than any other, let's say carpentry?

    Here is my sad story. I will keep it short:

    Since I remember I always wanted to be a carpenter. I just love the smell of the fresh cut, the touch of the wood. A tree is a living organism and once it dies, it becomes a sculpture in the hands of a skilled carpenter. it is a wonderful metamorphosis.
    My father always discouraged me. He told me I have 2 left hands. True, by the age of 16 I only had 8 fingers, and I was particulary bad at hammering nails (thus the one eye), but I just couldn't give up my dream.
    I had 2 master carpenters whom I followed, but I don't think they were good. At least I wasn't able to learn the skills from them. At age 20 I built a barn for the Amish, but after 2 weeks it collapsed, killing 3 of them. They blamed the joints I supposedly made too weak.
    It wasn't always bad, though. I had successes. Once I made a toothpick, and it worked. True, I started out making a table, then the project turned into a chair, then a spoon. But finally the toothpick didn't split anymore.

    I am desperate. I have a passion for carpentry. I just don't know how to make a living by practicing it.

    I am looking for a mentor, a master carpenter. I can't pay him, but if he teaches me the necessery skills, I would be ethernally greatful for the rest of my life. Is there anybody out here who is willing to teach me for free??

    Thanks for listening....

    P.S.: If you really think this tale is about carpentry, well, get your head checked first. Also I apologize, but trading is slow today...
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    Well, not particulary for my system, but generally being taught as a trader.
    Basicly 2 points:

    1. Trading is a business just like any other. You don't go and ask dentists, teachers,etc. to teach you their skills (specially not for free), so why people want it from traders? I assume because the common (miss)conception is that trading is easy, and true, it can be done with few resources. It is still a business and requires, study, time, planning,etc.

    2. Trading is not for everyone. You might be a good carpenter but suck at dentistry. Just because it is relative easy to start out as a trader, compared to other professions, it is not for everyone. It requires special skills. Not every student who enters college graduates...

    Actually if we look at other professions, they also have very high a failing ratios, we just don't mention it. Let's say acting. I bet it has a 80+% failure ratio, because more people think they can act (or trade) when they actually can't...
  3. oh the're killing me

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    Darwin observed what happens to the weak.
    Many people dislike him for what he said.
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    Seems you have no clue as to what is a profession .
    Acting is not a profession,dentistry,medicine, law etc are.
  6. Probably, after learning your system, he simply wants to sell it publicly to many others by charging them marketable fees.

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    True, I use my Oscars as paperweight. No other use for them...

    If acting is not a profession, than what the fuck those losers do in acting classes/colleges??? Is it just for fun?

    I bet OJ thinks acting is the most important profession, beside being a lawyer... :)

    Now if your point is that anybody can be an actor, than my analogy was perfect, because with a computer and a broker account anybody can be a trader as well!
  8. well, the system would probably (well not probably but definitely reach a saturation pt)then fail.

    but anyway its not for sale. I would be selling a part of my mind then right? I am willing to advise people though.

    read that link I just posted from last Oct. Then re-read it. It comes from the heart.

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    Is the world's oldest profession a profession?
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