Desperately seeking SUSY

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    The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) comes online on Wednesday.

    There are many hopes about what we may find by recreating for a fraction of an instant energies only seen at the moment of creation itself.

    Notice that the link above gives finding GOD at the LHC experiments a probability of : 10^-20%.

    My hope is that we see SuperSymmetry, otherwise known as SUSY:

    People entartain themselves with popular science on tv, and it is easy to grasp for example the excitement of finding life on Mars, etc. But I consider it 10x more interesting to find that the Universe was created with SUSY.

  2. Well, how would they find a spirit with these physical tools.

    A much more relevant question is what is the probability of this project discovering what caused the first material act of creation.
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    In a similar way that if you saw tracks in snow, you would infer an animal made them.

    It is unfortunate that Ledderman dubbed the Higgs boson the God particle. In fact, it is far deeper than just the Higgs how matter acquires mass. The best explanation of this for the amateur is in the book I posted at the top of this page in my other thread:

  4. Unfortunately the power of this device will cause a tear into the next dimension and let in all manner of strange and deadly creatures.

    Or maybe that is just a Steven King story... :D

  5. So after trashing intelligent design for these lo years, the scientists are going to do their own intelligent design experiment?

    Interesting, I guess, but Richard Dawkins already gave away the predetermined answer to the question.
  6. they are opening a Pandora's box.
    a can of worms!
    there will be HELL to pay!! :eek:
    let things be.
    treat it like a sore dick, don't FUCK with it !
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    These people are doing science. The reference to God was for the public's sake, not as some unstated goal of the LHC.

    Like I said, Ledderman probably wishes he could take back calling the Higgs boson the God particle.

  8. GOD wants those atoms to remain intact.

    DO NOT BREAK God's atoms!!
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  10. Isn't that how Hellboy got started???
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