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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by DLama, Dec 26, 2007.

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    paraphrased from another thread....

    young independent trader wannabe with no capital to risk at this time (but not without some positive trading experience...equities, options and futures) seeks reputable prop firm either based in Philadelphia area or with branch office there abouts, that would require NO capital contribution (or would allow for remote trading under that condition). Preferably, the firm's focus would be on options and/or futures but, if not, an equity focus would be just fine.

    If anyone is aware of such a firm, please advise. I'd much appreciate it.

    Thanks, in advance, to all. Happy and prosperous New Year.
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    Somebody must know of a prop firm out there that has an office in the Phila/South Jersey area (other than Centurion...which I believe requires at least a $100K deposit).

    As for one that will allow you to trade remote with no money up, perhaps that doesn't exist. Anyone???
  3. Wish I could help. Back in the old days (90's), there were prop firms all over where I live (Cent. Fl) that would let you trade w/o any capital requirement. After a few years of traders losing so much money, they either went out of business or else started requiring capital. Good luck with your search, but most will just offer to give you a lot of buying power with your deposit. (Obviously a lot more than the standard 4:1 for us pattern day traders).
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    DLama -

    In a previous post, you wrote this ...

    " As a point a reference, I had a discussion with a firm that offered 65% of the profits and I didn't have to put up any money. They said I would initially get 2 million dollars in buying power and I would get my payout monthly, assuming profits. I believe commissions on stock was .006 per share. I don't have any point of comparison so I ask, is this a good deal? "

    Why not just join this firm and find out for yourself?

    You have no risk - other than some time.

    What do you have to lose?