desperately seeking a quant

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  1. looking for quant minded, free thinking financial wizard to supplement start up hedge fund advisor panel. this is an unpaid , ground floor resume' building position at this time and you will be required to review and create global strategies on an as needed basis, and be available to answer stupid formula, program questions, etc. from yours truly. ( LOL!) in addition, some interaction with potential partners and their advisors may be required. depending on how things work out, position may turn into full time and competively compensated. after that fame, and fortune may follow--who knows ?


    surfer d.
  2. ...despite the recent endless debate elsewhere, no doubt everyone will want to know what you mean by a "quant". Could you please elaborate? BTW, there are no old quants, so my question is purely "academic". Thanks.

  3. a mathematically minded financial person, capable of understanding and quantifying relationships between markets / instruments.


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    If you are looking for someone "free", look at your PM. The person is very bright. Are you looking for occasional advice or actuall work (code, derivations etc.)?
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    Sooo.... you want somebody that can do highly leveraged trades but make it safe by perfectly matching up pairs of trades some long, some short, and can sleep reasonably well at night? Or don't you care about the sleep part?

  6. I tried to PM you 'surf, but your inbox is full. I should have been quicker, dammit! Everyone knows all the best up and coming quants hang out on elite trader just waiting for the opportunity to work for someone for free.

  7. FYI--- i recd multiple quality responses from the post. please don't comment on something you know nothing about.