Desperately in need of major help

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  1. 05chenchi


    What i need to know:
    I need advice on where to go, what company to look for, or any advice will be appreciated!!!

    My Record:
    I have been trading on my own account since 2007. Lost about 6k in 2007 and up in the positive in 2008. I started with about 10k in April 2008 and end up with about 20k in April 2009 (100.41% return). From 2009 to 2010 wasn't so great about 30% rate of return from the initial capital. From 2010 till now, i lost about 10%. (i dont' usually leave positions overnight )

    What i trade:
    I trade mostly commodities ETF, mainly in Oil, gold and natural gas.

    Where i am located:
    Toronto,Ontario, Canada

    If you need further questions to help me, please contact me @ (yes this is a funny e-mail from grade 4 but i am still using it)
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    Greatly appreciated if you can give me your opinions and i am not afraid of negative comments!

    I need advice on what to do, what companies are available for me, or any advices are greatly appreciated
    I want to know what i can do with my current situations

    Started in 2007 - lost 6k in 3 month (got discouraged, didn't restart until April 2008)
    April 2008 to April 2009 - with captial of 10k to around 20k (brokerage account gave 100.41% rate of return)
    April 2009 to April 2010 - with captial of 10k (paid off my tuition load) 30% return
    April 2010 to April 2011 - lost 10%
    (usually with no positions overnight)
    Brokerage is Credential Direct, i paid $20/ trade for first 3 month then $10 thereafter

    I trade mainly in the commodities, ETFs, mostly in Oil, Gold, and Gas

    I have recently graduated, 24 years old, no loans (paid off XD), can go without salary for as long as 6 month
    Had many jobs in the area of sales, admin, call centre

    I am currently in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    I would prefer staying in Toronto if possible
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    I would agree with previous comment unless you are trading really high volume and need the low rates or do not have the cash yourself a trading firm is not where you need to be. If you are going to be trading high volume that is a different story as the rates at most places would kill you
  4. 05chenchi


    Problem i am encountering:

    1. Brokerage is taking between 6% to 10% of what i earn

    2. I need 100k or more. I am to a point where i know what to trade but just didn`t have enough capital to do so. I saw many oppourtunities but had to let it go.

    3. I am a person that likes to learn so maybe i can learn something from other traders

    Please advice a good firm to join in Toronto

    Post here or e-mail me directly @