"Desperate situation"

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    A symptom of the goverment propping up the housing market .... the reporter said that many of these people are employed but there is still an overwhelming demand for government assistance to pay rent.
  3. I sent the video to some friends. One who was a director of a family shelter in NYC for many years has this to say:

    "I saw that. In truth having been in that sort of business for most of twenty years that has always been a fairly common site when available, at least in NYC. For a poor or even not so rich family section 8 is worth its weight in gold. And it seems I may have seen some even not so poor families take advantage."
  4. First time since 2002 they've given out applications for the Sec. 8 vouchers. I wonder how those people survive the last 8 years without section 8?

    And how lame is that saying "all these poor people suffered heat exhaustion in 90 degree weather." I just came back from the philippines where its always 90 degrees and funny how I see people out working in the hot sun, some of them all day and I never see 1 of them get heat exhaustion. Why do americans always get heat exhaustion? How did people survive in this country before air-con? We've grown into a nation of damn pussies, i tell you.