Desperate shorts hack NYSE/

Discussion in 'Trading' started by deadreader, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. vega


    Dow down 1200, S&P 500 down 5:D, very convincing. You would think if they could change one number, if they wanted anyone to buy into it they would have at least changed a few more.

  2. Maybe its an omen!
    Anyone recall during 2000 some kid issued a false press release over the newswire that EMLX ( i think it was EMLX) was issuing an earnings warning. The stock plunged but came back after it was revealed that the kid had been short it carrying some big loses that he needed to recoup. A few months after this ordeal, EMLX did issue a press release that they were going to miss earnings.

    Maybe tonight's shenanigans with the tape is just that, a joke, or maybe somebody somewhere knows something and is just sending out a signal. Time will tell.
  3. omcate


    I cannot believe what happened in the past seven trading sessions. Today may be another good day for the long. I feel like back to 1999.

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