Desktop PC help

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bulllives, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. I am looking to purchase new desktop PC and two 24 inch monitors. I am either looking at the route of getting one built for me. Or just buying one from Dell. Any recommendations? What should I look for? Prices, places discounts etc. Thanks
  2. Will it be dedicated to trading or used for other purposes as well? If other purposes, what purposes/ programs?
  3. Dedicated to trading.
  4. At Dell outlet store, you can usually find a decent Precision T3400 with XP, 2G RAM, NVS 290 video card and any C2D CPU for about $600 + tax, shipped.

    Compare prices for locally built. Be sure you're comparing with either a P35 or X38 mobo. (Most of the prefab computers at BB or CC, HP and Dell have cheapo mobos with onboard video.)

    As for monitors... 24", 1920x1200 are nice. From about $360-$600+ depending whether you want one with an S-IPS or S-PVA panel, or whether a TN will do for you.