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  1. I have so many Shortcuts on my Desktop that my entire screen is filled with Icons...Anytime I want to go to someplace fast (like here for example) I just click on the Icon (shortcut) and I'm here..

    But its now getting to be to much clutter so my question is how do I clean up my desktop and yet be able to use shortcuts to my favorite web sites?..can I condense my 50 or so icon shortcuts to just a few?

    Please note: I have very little computer tech knowledge so step by step instructions would be appreciated..
  2. Right Click on your desktop.

    Scroll Down to "new"

    Click Folder

    Rename Folder: "Desktop Shortcuts"

    Move icons to folder.

    - Spydertrader
  3. Use bookmarks on your browser. Using desktop shortcuts for webpages is inefficient. Organize your bookmarks by priority.
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  5. If you're not too computer "savvy", I'd recommend just sticking with IE. Firefox messes up alot of settings you may be used to, it's kind of a pain to get things back the way they were.
  6. Hey Thanks,

    I needed that!

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    that's what i'm doing too, i drag web sites to my toolbar and remove the text, only the favicon remains. here's a screen shot

    i don't know what illiquid is taling about firefox messing up his settings. yeah, it takes some getting use to it but doesn't mess anything up for me. i know there used to be some web sites that are "optimized" to run with IE, i've yet to see one that won't load with firefox properly. do yourself a favor and get rid of internet exploder
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    I don't know exactly what will be messed up... When you make the switch from IE to firefox it actually allows you to import all the bookmarks at once. Not much hassles...:confused:
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    Exactly what SlimHarpo needs...
    I know I had the exact same issue with my desktop.
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