Deskless Monitor Placement

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  1. Hey Quasimodo, ever get a wee bit uncomfortable chained to that trading desk hours on end?

    I agree with a trader here who suggests an effective viewing height for monitor displays is top edge at a couple of inches above eye level.

    Using That Spec; if a two high by 3 wide 6-screen setup were placed forward of a trader, then a comfortable posture and viewing angle similar to that piloting a John Deer combine (totally ergonomic at around $300K) is possible. Get on down to your JD dealer and check one out, you can sit in them for free.

    It would be interesting for someone who has a 6-screen rack-setup available to play around with; to do the experiment... to support the rack such that it brings the center monitor's top to about seated-eye-level and then aim the rest of the assembly accordingly from there.

    How's it feel to view this array after a few hours?

    Yep, that desk has to go in order to implement this positioning.

    For test purposes, mock up with banker's boxes from Office Max, $10 for ten around tax time, chair-arm height horizontal surfaces on both sides of the chair to hold mousepad, note pad, coffee and what-not...

    and you're left with a homeless keyboard that ends up in the lap, but this is just for a trading session or two, buck up.

    Dealing with the keyboard is step n+1, and another story.

    Step one: How's it feel to view this array after a few hours?


    If the position is promising, Captain's chair with fold down arms and integrated hinged keyboard and platforms - in the manor of writing platforms attached to seats in auditorium lecture halls - wouldn't be so difficult to hack onto a captain's chair out of a wrecked new luxury van.

    While you're up in that cockpit, check out the joystick and button console controls that are mounted on the right armrest. These rigs take hands-on management for extended periods not unlike trading.

    Please don't make me gotta trade my ass off, buy a Deere and ductape monitor displays to the cockpit enclosure.

    Little help here? lol

    How's it feel to view this array after a few hours?


    PS: If implementation functions well and all that's harsh is mellowed, why not fold in the concept behind one of these. -

    new problem... how to drink my cofee, lol
    Ok, bring out the servo gimbals...
  2. easymon1

    Great idea, I welded some brackets on one of these and mounted my monitors as you described, I love it. :D Thanks for the tip. I just duct taped my keyboard to the steering wheel for now, seems OK but the spinning bothers me a little, I probably should have welded the steering shaft before I moved it in the house on the carpet. :( I would like to add a refrigerator like the one in the New Holland (I NEED that), maybe next weekend. :p

    We sure must think alike 'cause I ended up with the same problem as you:
    PS: I'm thinking of welding a piece of well casing to the floor pan and inserting a Stanley Thermos :cool:
  3. I have visited you line site and found good pictures and information about 70 Series Combine cab, i like it, What are the total expenses need for that?
  4. Would there be a bunker bed in the back seat? So you can lie down and take a nap when the market is slow? LOL
  5. lol
    Keeping it brief; is seated viewing of six monitors (2Hx3W) w/ top edge at eye level comfortable for hours?
  6. krikey, lol
  7. hiptogo


    that is a super dope setup
  8. Just needs one of those 6 axis motion simulators and a shiatsu massager and it would be perfect.